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Crime Victims deserve the best services we can provide.

When first elected to District Attorney in 2006, victim services were facilitated by Nevada County's Probation Department.  Probation did a good job of building the program, however, I felt that there could be better and more direct services provided to crime victims if the program was housed within the District Attorney’s Office. 

In 2010, my office took over administration and housing of the Victim/Witness Program.  This change allows for better and more frequent contact between victims, advocates and prosecutors.  Since that time we have focused our efforts on direct services for victims and witnesses.  Although the primary focus is for victims of violent crimes, we endeavor to provide service to ANY victim of crime.  Our data shows that we have provided a much higher level of service since the program became a unit within our Office.

In the tragic event of a criminal homicide, or other violent crime, the victim survivors are embraced and engaged in our prosecutions to the degree they are comfortable. They are provided a caring Victim Advocate to keep their perspective and desires known. The office structure ensures that the Victim Advocate is independent from the prosecutors with the victim’s best interest as the primary focus. Victims are consulted for input before, during and after case resolution and their feelings solicited at sentencing.

My office maintains strong advocacy for victims.  


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