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Domestic violence should not happen to anyone, anywhere. However, it does, even in Nevada County. Maybe you have had to live with abuse, maybe you know a friend, workmate or family member who suffers abuse?  It is not to be tolerated.

Some disturbing numbers:
In 2017 the Nevada County District Attorney’s office received many referrals for domestic violence related crimes.  

Nationwide approximately 4000 women a year are killed by intimate partners in domestic violence incidents.  And, domestic violence is the single major cause for injury to women. An astounding 85% of batterers were witness to domestic violence growing up.

Personally, as a child, I watched my mother beaten by her second husband.  He also beat my brothers and me. The good news is the chain of abuse can be broken.

Although the problem of abuse is as old as relationships there is help.

If you have been abused, please remember two things: 1) abuse is never okay; and, 2) you are not alone.  Help is yours for the asking.  

Domestic violence is not just a husband or wife hitting their spouse it can be against an elder adult, child, brother, it can occur in heterosexual or homosexual relationships, it is wrong in every case.  



What to do?  If you are a victim or a witness to domestic violence, the first step is to report it to the police.  

If you are afraid or need help contact Community Beyond Violence (formerly Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Coalition (DVSAC)).  They can help you with free and confidential restraining orders to protect you and your family members.  Click here for more information about CBV.

The Community Beyond Violence 24-hour crisis hotline is 272-3467. Domestic violence is a community problem and there is a community solution. All of us at the District Attorney’s Office, Community Beyond Violence and local law enforcement urge victims to stop the cycle of violence.  

For more information, please visit:

Community Beyond Violence

Women of Worth

Tahoe Safe Alliance

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