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The Real Reason Jennings Was Fired from DA's Office:

"Jennings unfit for District Attorney" - Op-Ed by Joe Alexander, former Assistant DA

"It’s time to put a stop to unsubstantiated claims of corruption in Nevada County" - Op-Ed by Lt. Stephen Tripp, NCSO, ret.


MISREPRESENTATION:  The Deputy District Attorneys endorse Glenn Jennings. 

FACT:  The Deputy District Attorney/Public Defender Association is a bargaining unit designed to negotiate attorney salaries with Nevada County management. 

FACT:  Not all prosecuting attorneys in the DA's Office are members of the DDA/DPD Union.

FACT:  "The majority of the votes to support Glenn Jennings came from the Public Defenders Office, and not the Deputy District Attorneys.  We support and endorse Cliff Newell For District Attorney and do not agree with, or stand behind the decision of the union to endorse Glenn Jennings."

FACT:  Six of the attorneys in the District Attorney's Office and all of the DA investigators endorse Cliff Newell.

MISREPRESENTATION:  "Newell doesn't intend to fulfill his whole term if re-elected:"  

FACT:  Cliff has no intention to resign in the middle of his term.

FACT:  This is a another "whisper campaign" fabricated by the Opposition or their supporters.

MISREPRESENTATION:  "District Attorney’s Office has suffered high turnover with Assistant DAs."  

FACT:  Cliff reorganized the office in early 2015 to make better use of his resources.  He moved the opponent into the Assistant DA position because of his experience as a Deputy District Attorney.  

FACT:  After only nine months in the position, it became clear that the opponent could not make the transition from a deputy DA to a senior executive position.

FACT:  The Opponent was asked to resign after only nine months as Assistant DA. 

FACT:  After his resignation, an Interim Assistant DA bridged the time period until the new Assistant District Attorney, Joe Alexander joined the office from El Dorado County.

FACT: After a successful year with Nevada County, Mr. Alexander was recruited back to El Dorado County where his family resides.

FACT: Joe Alexander endorses Cliff in his Re-Election campaign.


MISREPRESENTATION:  Cliff is the only District Attorney that doesn't do jury trials.  

FACT: Cliff is an accomplished prosecuting trial attorney and tried approximately 30 jury trials during his six years as a Deputy District Attorney in Nevada County and Sutter County.

FACT: In the months prior to being elected in 2006 Cliff tried 15 jury trials, more than all the other Deputy DAs combined during that period. 

FACT:  Cliff is intimately involved in all stages of all Major cases; from investigation, to charging, to trial strategy and finally to resolution.

 FACT:  Most Elected District Attorneys in California that have medium to large jurisdictions like Nevada County have too many responsibilities and do NOT have time to try cases.  

FACT:  R. Scott Owens of Placer County, and the elected District Attorneys of Yolo and Merced counties have endorsed Cliff's campaign, D.A.s that know what the job is about.  

MISREPRESENTATION and MISPERCEPTION:  Criminal offenders are not held accountable and crime has increased in Nevada County.

FACT:  The most recent DOJ Crime Statistics from 2016 show that  Nevada County is one of only nine California counties where violent crime has decreased.  

FACT:  Nevada County prosecutes an average of 21 jury trials per year.  

FACT:  in 2017 46 offenders were sentenced to prison.

FACT:  Nevada County ranks lower in crime than all comparable counties.   

Union Article: Crime Remains Consistent in Nevada County

DOJ Statistics


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